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All My Sons

All My Sons

by Arthur Miller

Family Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #4

Ann: I'm not here out of a blue sky, Chris. I turned my back on my father, if there's anything wrong here now… (2.119)

Ann places principles over family and she expects Chris to, as well.

Quote #5

Keller: You're in love now, Annie, but believe me, I'm older than you and I know – a daughter is a daughter, and a father is a father. (2.156)

Ann tries to reassure Joe that hate could never come between her and Chris. For Joe, family comes first. He's concerned that Ann will come to see things that way, too, under the influence of her father and brother.

Quote #6

Keller: And I don't understand why she has to crucify the man… A father is a father! (2.162-166)

Ann's ruthless judgment of her father strikes fears into Joe. What if, when they're married, Chris begins to feel the same way about him?

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