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Quote #7

Keller: That's the way they do, George. A little man makes a mistake and they hang him by the thumbs; the big ones become ambassadors. (2.411)

Joe tries to deflect George's anger and blame by sympathizing with Steve.

Quote #8

Ann: I'll do nothing about Joe, but you're going to do something for me. You made Chris feel guilty with me. Whether you wanted to or not, you've crippled him in front of me. (3.86)

Ann has her own selfish motivations here. She wants Kate to clear the slate so she can get on to building a life with Chris.

Quote #9

Chris: Yesterday they flew in a load of papers from the States and I read about Dad and your father being convicted. I can't express myself. I can't tell you how I feel – I can't bear to live any more. (3.162)

We learn from his letter that Larry takes the full weight of his father's guilt on himself. As Chris says in an earlier monologue, it's the really brave ones who never made it back from the war.

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