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All My Sons

All My Sons


by Arthur Miller

Joe Keller Timeline and Summary

  • Joe entertains the neighbors.
  • Chris informs Joe that he intends to marry Ann. Joe doesn't share this information with Kate.
  • For Ann's benefit, Joe tells the story of the day her dad shipped faulty airplane parts. Joe didn't know a thing about it, he says.
  • Ann's brother George calls. He's coming for a visit. Kate tells Joe to be careful.
  • George accuses Joe of scapegoating his father. He wants to get Ann out of there. She refuses.
  • Faced with the real possibility of Chris and Anne's engagement, Kate reveals Joe's guilt to Chris.
  • Joe defends his action. He did it for his family.
  • Ann and Chris want Joe to go to prison.
  • Chris reads aloud a letter in which Larry confesses he's going to kill himself because of Joe's crime.
  • Joe kills himself.