All My Sons
All My Sons
by Arthur Miller
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All My Sons Lies and Deceit Quotes Page 1

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How we cite the quotes:
Citations follow this format: (Act.Line). Every time a character talks counts as one line, even if what they say turns into a long monologue.
Quote #1

Chris: We've made a terrible mistake with Mother… being dishonest with her. That kind of thing always pays off, and now it's paying off
Keller: What do you mean, dishonest?
Chris: You know Larry's not coming back and I know it. (1.167-69)

A small foreshadowing of the moral positions of both Joe and Chris here. Chris acknowledges a reality but does nothing to address it; Joe pretends it doesn't exist.

Quote #2

Joe: So he takes out his tools and he… covers over the cracks. All right… that's bad, it's wrong, but that's what a little man does. If I could have gone in that day I'd a told him – junk 'em, Steve, we can afford it. (1.481)

This is the opposite of what really happened. When asked for advice, Joe directed Steve to cover the cracks. Now he lies to Ann and Chris with ease. Perhaps he's been telling this story for so long he's begun to believe it himself.

Quote #3

Ann: Don't yell at him. He just wants everybody happy.
Keller: [clasps her around the waist] That's my sentiments. Can you stand steak? (1.487-88)

Joe is a socially talented man, usually able to charm away any conflict.

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