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All My Sons

All My Sons


by Arthur Miller

All My Sons: Like All My Children, But Without Any of Those Women Quiz

Think you’ve got your head wrapped around All My Sons? Put your knowledge to the test. Good luck — the Stickman is counting on you!
Q. Where does the Keller family live?

In a downtown apartment building
On a farm
In a suburb
In a gingerbread house. You might think that’s ridiculous, but if you lose your keys, you can eat your way back in. So who feels silly now?
Q. What happened to Larry?

He went missing
He was mauled to death by an angry mob of meerkats
His plane crashed
He was run over by a school bus
Q. Whom does Chris want to marry?

Anne Hathaway, but get in line, buddy
Larry’s former fiancée
Chris’ cousin
Chris’ childhood friend, who is entering a convent
Q. Where is Ann’s father?

In a mental institution
Buried in a military cemetery
Aw jeez, did someone let him off his leash again?
In prison
Q. Who died as a result of Steve’s actions?

21 U.S. fighter pilots
22 enemy combatants
23 innocent civilians
Four and twenty blackbirds