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All the King's Men

All the King's Men


by Robert Penn Warren

All the King's Men: Humpty-Dumpty Was Unimpressed, We’ll Say That Much Quiz

Think you’ve got your head wrapped around All the King's Men? Put your knowledge to the test. Good luck — the Stickman is counting on you!
Q. What does Willie tell Jack to do about Judge Irwin?

Investigate his past to see if he has any secrets
Butter him up by treating him to a round of golf at Jack’s exclusive club
Hire someone to have him killed
Pants him just as he’s heading to the bench
Q. What was Jack’s job when he was working for the Chronicle?

Paper delivery boy
Coffee fetcher/lunch picker-upper
Copy editor
Q. What does Willie discover he is good at after he starts drinking?

Skateboarding off a really high ramp into the side of a building
Playing cards
Making people laugh
Writing speeches
Q. What is true about the hospital that Willie tells Jack he wants to build?

It will be free to the public
It will be available only to the very wealthy
The hospital beds will have built-in ejector seats for patients who are unable to pay their bill
It will be the largest hospital in the state
Rather than being cared for by doctors, patients will be treated by a highly trained team of bonobo chimps with access to a vast array of surgical equipment
Q. What does Cass do to his slaves?

Beats them without mercy
Gives them their freedom
Forces them to perform an annual musical revue in the grand ballroom, with a special emphasis on the works of Andrew Lloyd Webber
Forces them to sleep in the stables with the horses