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by Veronica Roth

Allegiant Questions

  1. Is the world outside the fence what you expected? What did you think would be different?
  2. Why is Allegiant narrated by Tris and Tobias? Do you feel they each have a distinctive voice? Do you wish Veronica Roth had included any other narrators?
  3. Is labeling people "genetically pure" or "genetically damaged" really any different from splitting them up into factions?
  4. Were you surprised to find out that Divergent means "normal" rather than "special"? How does this revelation affect Tris? How does it affect Tobias, who discovers that because he isn't Divergent, he's less than normal?
  5. Is Tris's final plan (releasing the memory serum in the Bureau) hypocritical? What else could she have done to stop the attack on Chicago?
  6. Did you expect the big events at the ending? Would have you ended the book differently?
  7. Is the world a better place with or without the factions?

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