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by Veronica Roth

Allegiant Resources


Veronica's Closet

In case you missed it all the other times we've linked to it, here's Veronica Roth's website again.

Movie or TV Productions

Future Flicks

Before Divergent even hit movie screens, Allegiant had a release date. As of late 2013, it is set to come out in March 2016.

Shailene Speaks

In case you're wondering what the actress playing Tris has to say about her character's fate in Allegiant… here you go.

Articles and Interviews

Spoiling the Ending

Past the big, bold SPOILER ALERT, Veronica Roth discusses why she ended Allegiant the way she did.

Signing Off

This interview took place in Dublin, so you can read it with an Irish accent.


Ruthless… Shouldn't that be Roth-less?

Here's another "Why the heck did Tris have to die?!" interview, but this one in video form, with bonus Lauer.

Single Perspective on Dual POV

Veronica Roth talks about the two voices in her finely coiffed head in this video interview with the Wall Street Journal.


Choose Your Fate, Right Here and Now

Veronica Roth talks about building the Divergent world in this NPR interview on Here and Now. You can listen to it there and later, if you want.


Bureau of Frequent Delays

Here's an inside look at the Bureau, which is in Chicago's O'Hare airport. Just imagine it not full of angry, delayed travelers.

Fountain of Youthful Love

Here's where Tris's mom and dad met. Imagine this scene with a little more ruin.

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