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All's Well That Ends Well
All's Well That Ends Well
by William Shakespeare
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All's Well That Ends Well Act 3, Scene 4 Summary

  • In Roussillon France, the countess reads a letter from Helen.
  • It turns out that Helen has decided to run away, too. She's on a holy pilgrimage to the Shrine of Saint Jaques (a.k.a. St. James' shrine in Spain) to make up for the fact that she's driven her husband off to a war zone.
  • The countess is frantic. She orders Reynaldo to write Bertram a letter asking him to come home ASAP.
  • She even admits that it probably wasn't such a good idea for her meddle in her son's love life to begin with.
  • Then she hatches a plan to reunite Helen and Bertram. (So much for not sticking her nose in her kid's business – that didn't last long.)
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