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All's Well That Ends Well
All's Well That Ends Well
by William Shakespeare
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All's Well That Ends Well Family Quotes Page 4

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Quote #10

I have yielded:
Instruct my daughter how she shall persevere,
That time and place with this deceit so lawful
May prove coherent. Every night he comes
With musics of all sorts and songs composed
To her unworthiness: it nothing steads us
To chide him from our eaves; for he persists
As if his life lay on't. (3.7.4)

Is it just us or does the widow exploit her daughter, Diana? By taking money from Helen and agreeing to let Diana take part in the bed trick, the widow acts more like the mistress of a brothel than a regular old innkeeper. Dang. Why are both moms in this play such schemers? Does Shakespeare have something against mothers or something?

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