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Parolles Timeline and Summary

  • 1.1: Paroles talks dirty to Helen and tries to convince her to lose her virginity.
  • 1:1: He tags along with Bertram to the king's court in Paris.
  • 2.3: Paroles argues with Lafeu about whether or not Helen is good enough for Bertram. Paroles claims that he would totally beat up Lafeu if the guy weren't so old.
  • 2.3: Always the instigator, Paroles encourages Bertram to ditch his wife and run away to Italy.
  • 3.5: We find out that Paroles has been trying to convince Diana to have an affair with Bertram.
  • 3.6: Bertram's pals dare Paroles to go to the battlefield to retrieve his lost drum.
  • 4.1: He quickly gets captured by some men pretending to be enemy soldiers.
  • 4.3: Without hesitation, Paroles betrays his friends and the Florentine army in exchange for his life. He's then disowned by his friends, including Bertram.
  • 5.2: Paroles shows up in Roussillon as a friendless beggar.
  • 5.3: He acts as a witness against Bertram and rats out his old friend for trying to seduce Diana.