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by Allen Ginsberg

America Resources


The Allen Ginsberg Project

Not to be confused with the Alan Parsons Project, this is a comprehensive clearinghouse of biographic and photographic data.

A.G.'s Modern American Poetry Page

Here's another super-fantastic repository of poetry, biography, interviews, and other resources for our man Allen.

The Beat Museum—On Wheels

We're not sure how comprehensive or even active this project is. We just think it's cool that someone converted an old camper into a Beat-themed rolling museum.


Ginsberg & Waits

Here's a video montage of Ginsberg reading his poem, with Tom Waits accompanying him in the background.

Creepy Animated Video

Ever seen one of those still photos of authors reading their work, with super-imposed animated lips? Creepy, but hypnotic.

Ginsberg, the Older Years

Here's an interview by Allan Gregg with an older Allen Ginsberg, who is rocking a full-on Cosby sweater.

Beat Generation Documentary

Want to learn more about Allen and his literary buds? Check out this online documentary.

On the William Buckley Show

This is just great. It's Allen Ginsberg going on conservative pundit William Buckley's show and reading his poetry. Buckley starts off skeptical, but seems charmed by Ginsberg's genius at the end.


"America," Read by Allen Ginsberg

Think this poem is a downer? Check out the humor that Ginsberg injects into his reading (of a different version from the one we use here).

"America," Take 2

Here's a more sober reading of the poem for you moody Mollies.

PennSound Audio Collection

Jackpot! This resource has a ton of Ginsberg recordings for you to enjoy.

The Vomit Express

Allen Ginsberg, plus Bob Dylan, plus… vomit. We just had to share this tune.


A True American

Allen wants you!

Allen, Loving Life

We really just enjoy the happiness beaming through that scraggly beard of his.

Articles and Interviews

"The Art of Poetry No. 8"

This interview was done by the Paris Review, the be-all-end-all of writerliness.

"When Worlds Collide"

Here's an interview Ginsberg did with Harper's magazine.

Modern American Poetry

This super-awesome poetry website collects several interviews with Ginsberg here.


Collected Poems 1947-1980

This one has most of the Ginsberg greats, if not all of them.

Beat Memories

Ginsberg was also an avid photographer. Check out his visions here.

Indian Journals

This is a great book is you want to see the poet's mind at work. It collects his writings, musings, and doodles while on a trip to India.

Movies & TV

Howl (2010)

Allen is played by Spiderman, oops we mean James Franco.

Kill Your Darlings (2013)

He'll be played by Harry Potter, oops we mean Daniel Radcliffe.

I'm Not There

In this one, he's played by Tobias Fünke comedian David Cross.

Heavy Petting

The tagline reads: "Celebrity confessions about their first sexual experiences." Consider yourself warned.

Ballad of the Skeletons

A short film project Allen did with Gus Van Sant.

Pull My Daisy

Starring Allen Ginsberg as…Allen Ginsberg.

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