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The American Revolution Images

An Iconic, If Erroneous, Painting

George Washington Crossing the Delaware, 1851 painting by Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze.

Give Me Liberty, Or...

Patrick Henry in the House of Burgesses. Engraving from painting by PH. Rothermel.

Inventing the Boston Massacre

Paul Revere's effective propaganda; his 1770 engraving entitled "The bloody massacre perpetrated in King Street, Boston, on Mar. 5, 1770."

An American in London

Benjamin Franklin at the Court of St. James. Engraving from painting by C. Schussele.

Tea, Anyone?

The destruction of tea at Boston Harbor. Lithograph by Sarony and Major, 1846.

Revolutionary Conflict

Battle of Lexington. Drawing from engraving by Amos Doolittle, a Connecticut militiaman.

The Famous Midnight Ride

Paul Revere's ride.

The First Formal Conflict

Battle of Bunker Hill. Engraving from painting by John Trumbull.

Announcing Independence to the People

Reading the Declaration of Independence from the east balcony of the State House in Boston. 1776.

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