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Among the Hidden

Among the Hidden


by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Among the Hidden Chapter 23 Summary

  • Luke super ticked at how Jen treated him at her house.
  • And he starts feeling jealous at how different the life of a Baron is from his own. Soda, potato chips, leaving the house. As far as Luke's concerned, Jen has been subtly showing off the entire time.
  • In an emotional moment of anger, Luke hopes someone shoots her at the rally.
  • Well, that escalated quickly.
  • Naturally, he immediately takes it back immediately, but not before realizing the scary possibility that it could happen.
  • When Luke's mom gets home, she finds him still visibly upset and asks if he's sick.
  • Tempted to spill the beans about everything, Luke simply tells his mom that he misses going outside - but quickly adds how he isn't complaining about it.

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