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Among the Hidden

Among the Hidden


by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Among the Hidden Chapter 26 Summary

  • On a day when Luke knows his dad will be out in the fields all day, Luke makes a bold move to sneak over to Jen's house.
  • He breaks in, disables the alarm (like Jen taught him), and immediately begins to call out for his friend.
  • No response.
  • It's impossible to search the entire mansion, so Luke heads straight to the computer room where he logs onto the secret shadow children chat room.
  • Nervous and anxious and scared, Luke enters, "Where's Jen?".
  • Just like the empty house, he gets no response.
  • Obviously, Luke starts yelling at the computer which is a really bad move since it turns out the house isn't so empty after all and a voice behind him says to turn around slowly. Oh, and the mystery voice announces that it has a gun.

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