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Among the Hidden

Among the Hidden


by Margaret Peterson Haddix

 Table of Contents

Among the Hidden Characters

Meet the Cast

Luke Garner

First is the worst, second is the best, third is the - um, never mind. Here's what you need to know: Third children are outlawed in Luke's world. Luke is a third child.Ergo, Luke is outlawed. Ergo,...

Jen Talbot

Jen Talbot is Luke's new (and only) BFF. He discovers her hiding out in her parents' fancy house not long after they move in and is stoked to meet another shadow child. Once they meet, though, he r...

Edna Garner

Luke's mom is the spoonful of sugar in Luke's medicine. Not many people can put a positive spin on having to hide 24/7, but Luke's mom does. She's always at the ready to give Luke a "reassuring squ...

George Talbot

Talk about making an entrance: Jen's dad bursts onto the scene more dramatically than the Kool-aid Man bursts through walls, with "Turn around slowly. I have a gun" (26.20). And it certainly grabs...

Harlan Garner

This man is fierce, and we don't mean America's Next Top Model fierce. We mean Stone Cold Steve Austin fierce. Trust us, you do not want to tick off this guy. At the mere suggestion that Luke isn't...

Matthew Garner

We don't get too much detail on Matthew, the oldest son in the Garner family. For the most part, he's talked about as being one half of the "Matthew and Mark" duo. One of the few things we do know...

Mark Garner

Whenever Luke decides to have a pity party for himself, he calls Mark "the lucky second" (1.19). Despite being two years older than Luke, Mark is the brother who has the most interaction with Luke....

The Government

Planning an epic fight for freedom? You'll need some brutally gruesome bad guys. Enter, the Government and their favorite henchmen, the Population Police. It might seem strange to give the Governme...
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