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Among the Hidden

Among the Hidden


by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Luke Garner Timeline and Summary

  • Luke says goodbye to the outdoors as the woods are cut down he is forced to live inside.
  • Luke's parents take mega precautions, like making him stay in his room.
  • But he's able to sneak out one day when the window blinds are left down.
  • After being caught and sent to his room, Luke sees a mysterious face in the window of his neighbor's house.
  • He observes the family and eventually concludes that they have a third child as well.
  • After lots of thinking and planning, Luke sneaks out of his house to meet this other third child.
  • Enter Jen Talbot, Luke's new (and only) friend.
  • She tells him all about the shadow/third children rally she's planning.
  • Luke hems and haws and finally tells her, a few days before the rally, that he doesn't want to go.
  • They fight, but Jen still sneak into the Garners' house before she leaves to say goodbye to Luke.
  • After hearing nothing about the rally on the news, Luke goes over to Jen's house to look for her.
  • Instead of Jen, he finds Jen's father and learns that she was killed at the rally.
  • The Population Police show up at Jen's house and Mr. Talbot hides Luke in a closet.
  • When the coast is clear, Mr. Talbot indicates that Luke is going to need a fake I.D. if he doesn't want to get caught by the Population Police.
  • Luke agrees and eventually tells his family everything that has happened.
  • He leaves the farm with Mr. Talbot with the new identity of Lee Grant.