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Among the Hidden

Among the Hidden


by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Among the Hidden Resources


Among the Internet

Get your fill of facts about the author and creator of the entire Shadow Children series at Margaret Haddix's official website.

Population Sensation

Get some real-time population stats. We're at 7 billion and counting.

Uncle Sam Wants You

Check out some examples of U.S. wartime propaganda over at the always-informative PBS.org.

Shmoopers of the Internet, Unite

Looking to organize a rally? Maybe Jen should have taken a glance or two at this fact sheet.

Articles and Interviews

Margaret Peterson Haddix Unhidden

Check out her author's page on Simon & Schuster's website

One and Done

A quick rundown on China's now-relaxed one-child policy

Top 500 Sci-fi Dystopian Movies

Because top 10 is 490 too few. Ranked by imdb.com, loved by cinephiles everywhere.


Talking with Margaret

Margaret Peterson Haddix sits down with Adlit.org for a nice little chat.

Hydroponics for Beginners

Need a weekend project? Here's what you need to know about growing stuff without soil.


For the Multitaskers

Load this on your iPod, close your eyes, and enjoy!


Book Cover for the U.S.

This is what the kids in 'Murica get on the front of their book.

Book Cover for the Brits

Cheerio! Might you fancy a jolly read with your tea and biscuits?

Couverture de livre pour les Français

Lounge by the Seine with this book in your hand.

Book cover für die Deutschen

What the little boys and girls read over in Deutschland (that's Germany for you).

한국인을위한 책 표지

This is Korean. That's all we got.

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