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Among the Hidden

Among the Hidden


by Margaret Peterson Haddix

 Table of Contents

Among the Hidden Themes

Among the Hidden Themes

Government Power: Totalitarian

If you grumble every time you have to buckle your seatbelt or jam a bike helmet on your head, then you probably know (kind of) how the people in Luke's world feel. But in Among the Hidden, the Gove...

Freedom and Confinement

Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose, which … sounds pretty accurate, actually. While Luke is confined in his little attic room, he's scared to do anything because he might lose e...


No, not the thing you sit through for 5 or 6 hours a day that forces you to read stuff and answer questions. We're talking about the 99% type of class. When the word class is used outside an actual...


We know, we know, nothing cool happens on Facebook anymore. By now, it's basically just a confirmation of your identity. It's a public place on the Internet that tells everyone else, "Yep, I exist....

Rules and Order

Attention, attention: Shmoop's court will now come to order. Don't worry; we're a lot nicer than the court in Among the Hidden. That's a good thing, because Among the Hidden teaches us that, if you...


How do you make sure that your oppressed population doesn't spend all its time plotting your overthrow? Easy: keep them so poor and downtrodden that they don't have the time or energy to revolt. Je...


Let's see: seven main characters in Among the Hidden and five of them are related. Yeah, we'll say that family matters here. But we're not just talking about the ins and outs of Luke's daddy issues...

Lies and Deceit

With a title like Among the Hidden, it doesn't take much to assume that there's going to be some major reliance on lies and deceit throughout the book. Oh, sure, there are all kinds of justificatio...

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