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Your Field Guide to Spotting Amun

If you want to find Amun, you might have to try pretty hard. He's a very secretive guy. If you're lucky enough to be a pharaoh, you'll probably have better luck. Not only will he help you reign justly and wisely, but he'll sleep with your wife so you have godly children (this is a good thing), and sit with you in the afterlife while you... eat the organs of the other gods. If you're not a pharaoh, try a temple in Karnak. If you confess your sins to him, he might help you out. Kind of a weird guy, but we have yet to hear a complaint about him. If push comes to shove, just look for the blue guy wearing the super tall hat.

Sex: Male
Age: In his prime
Build: Average height, very fit
Complexion: Blue, sometimes brown
Hair Color: Unknown. Always hidden by fancy hats. Assumed black (the color of his goatee)
Facial Hair: Long, curved goatee
Scars/marks/tattoos: N/A
Jewelry and accessories: A headdress, a staff, sometimes an ankh or an—ahem—erect phallus.
Clothing: White skirt, sometimes a corset, a huge headband with two super-tall feathers
Armor: N/A
Type of Weapon: Scimitar

Typical Companions

Mut (wife)
Khonsu (son)

Known Hangouts

Places where there are geese

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