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An Abundance of Katherines

An Abundance of Katherines


by John Green

 Table of Contents

An Abundance of Katherines Characters

Meet the Cast

Colin Singleton

Child prodigy and serial Katherine-dater, Colin Singleton is one serious dude. He's always spurting off random factoids that no one cares about, like that "fetor hepaticus" is the name for bad brea...

Hassan Harbish

Hassan is Colin's one and only friend, and the only person willing to be straight with Colin when his factoids are annoying and not the least bit interesting. If you thought Colin was a weirdo in t...

Lindsey Lee Wells

At first Colin writes Lindsey Lee Wells off as a girl who reads Celebrity Living—a.k.a. a nitwit—but she's much more than a girl with a stellar smile and metallic fingernails. Lindsey is a lot...

Hollis Wells

Hollis Wells, CEO and President of Gutshot Textiles, is a Kranial Kidz-watching, pink-loving woman who also just happens to be Lindsey's mom. In a stroke of pure coincidence, she happens to be one...

The Other Colin (TOC)

We know we're not supposed to like a guy who has the same name as our main dude, and right from the start, we're against TOC because he's just that—the other. He's the cool guy who gets the girl...


Poor Katrina doesn't get a cool nickname like her pals JATT and SOCT. If it was up to us, she'd have an acronym that had something to do with how pretty she is… not because Shmoop places a premiu...

Chase (a.k.a. JATT: Jeans Are Too Tight) and Fulton (a.k.a. SOCT: Short One Chewing Tobacco)

We don't really get the chance to know JATT or SOCT, mostly because Colin and Hassan don't really either despite hanging out with them a bit. In fact, Colin and Hassan go around calling them JATT a...


Probably the first question you asked after picking up a copy of the book is, what's the deal with all the Katherines? Shmoop is with you. The fact that every girl Colin's ever dated is named Kathe...
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