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An Abundance of Katherines

An Abundance of Katherines


by John Green

 Table of Contents

An Abundance of Katherines Themes

An Abundance of Katherines Themes


Are you unique? What makes you—you? That's one of the big questions An Abundance of Katherines asks us to think about. We've got a washed-up child prodigy who wants to matter, but he's just not...


You can't talk about An Abundance of Katherines without talking about the big L: love. Colin wants it, but can't seem to believe it when he has it, and falls in love with a Katherine practically at...

Memory and the Past

Here's a tip from the olds at Shmoop: If the best years of your life took place in high school, you're in for a long downhill slide. There's nothing wrong with remembering the good times, but livin...

Life, Consciousness, and Existence

Not to go all parental on you, but it's time to ask some heavy-hitting questions: what do you want to do with your life? What's the purpose of life? If you're in high school, chances are your paren...

Coming of Age

It wouldn't be coming-of-age lit if it didn't have at least some stuff about, well, coming of age, right (check out the "Genre" section for more on this)? Most of An Abundance of Katherines charts...


Anyone ever said to you don't worry, be happy? It's easier said than done sometimes, right? This is especially when it comes our main guy Colin in An Abundance of Katherines—he can't be happy bec...

Wisdom and Knowledge

If you asked Colin, he'd probably agree that everything he needed to know he learned in kindergarten. That's because by the time he was in kindergarten, he was already reading and studying with a c...

Dreams, Hopes, and Plans

Do you dream of a world full of pillows in which you can lie around eating Doritos and listening to drone music all day? Keep dreaming. (Eventually, you're going to have to get up and pee.) In An A...

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