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An Ideal Husband

An Ideal Husband


by Oscar Wilde

Mrs. Laura Cheveley Timeline and Summary

  • Mrs. Cheveley makes a splash at the Chiltern's party.
  • She blackmails Sir Robert with the Baron Arnheim letter. He promises to do what she asks.
  • Furious that Sir Robert's gone back on his promise, Mrs. Cheveley confronts Lady Chiltern. She exposes Sir Robert, creating a rift in the Chiltern's marriage.
  • Mrs. Cheveley makes a surprise call on Lord Goring. She finds Lady Chiltern's letter on pink stationary and thinks it's a love note.
  • Sir Robert discovers that she has come to call on Lord Goring and curses her, thinking that his friend has betrayed him.
  • Revealing the purpose of her visit, Mrs. Cheveley proposes marriage to Lord Goring. If he agrees, she'll give him the Baron Arnheim letter. No dice.
  • Lord Goring confronts her about the theft of the bracelet and says he'll call the police. Mrs. Cheveley clears out – but not before stealing Lady Chiltern's letter.
  • She sends the letter to Sir Robert, but her wicked little plan falls flat.