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An Ideal Husband

An Ideal Husband


1. Who said, "Ah, nowadays people marry as often as they can, don’t they? It is most fashionable"? -> Sir Robert Chiltern
2. Who said, "That is a matter for me, sir. You would probably make a very poor choice. It is I who should be consulted, not you. There is property at stake. It is not a matter for affection. Affection comes later on in married life."? -> Lord Caversham
3. Who said, "She stands apart as good women do - pitiless in her perfection – cold and stern and without mercy."? -> Lord Caversham
4. Who said, "She loves you, Robert. Why should she not forgive?"? -> Lady Markby
5. Who said, "Politics are my only pleasure."? -> Mrs. Laura Cheveley
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