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And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None


by Agatha Christie

 Table of Contents

And Then There Were None Characters

Meet the Cast

Justice Lawrence Wargrave

When we first meet Justice Wargrave, he comes across as a staid government employee, a judge who believes in upholding the law to the fullest. Well, we’re right about the judgment part—and wron...

Vera Claythorne

Vera Claythorne lasts the longest in the not-so-fun game that Justice Wargrave has laid out for his guests, but it’s not because she’s a levelheaded girl who knows how to keep calm in a difficu...

Philip Lombard

Philip Lombard is (1) a rather cocky young man, (2) essentially a mass murderer who left a large group of natives to die when he was in the army, and (3) completely unconcerned about his moral depr...

General John Macarthur

General Macarthur comes across as a bit of a doddering fool. He’s always sitting off by himself and mumbling about cryptic things. But the truth is that Macarthur is a very tired and lonely old m...

Emily Brent

Emily Brent may seem like a harmless grandma with a pair of knitting needles, but don’t get too close: this is one old lady who’s not about to bake you a batch of chocolate chip cookies.Emily...

Dr. William Armstrong

Dr. Armstrong might just be the second most upstanding guest at the island. A respected doctor, he can’t get enough of the fact that he’s led a fine professional life: “He’d been lucky! Luc...

William Blore

Like Lombard, William Blore selfish, self-centered, and did we mention self-preserving? This is basically the Dark Triad of personality traits, so we’re not at all shocked that he ends up on Sold...

Anthony “Tony” Marston

Anthony Marston is the first victim, which means we only get to spend a few hours in his delightful presence. What a shame! He’s young, rich, and—let’s not forget—egotistical man who Wargra...

Thomas and Ethel Rogers

Thomas and Ethel Rogers are the perfect servants—unless you’re an old lady with money, in which case they just might withhold medication so you’ll die and leave them money. Luckily Wargrave i...
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