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And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None


by Agatha Christie

And Then There Were None Resources


Meet the Dame

Visit Christie's official website to get the scoop on the master of mystery.

Put Your Game Face On

If you prefer mashing buttons to reading, you can also live out the Agatha Christie classic novel in video game form.

Publisher’s Choice

Head on over to HarperCollins to see the publisher’s take on this prolific author.

Read All About It

Pick up your very own copy of And Then There Were None here. Just don’t blame us when you’re too scared to turn out the lights.

Movie or TV Productions

Old-School Adaptation

You can’t say no to the 1945 old-school adaptation of the book where one of the characters is wearing a monocle, can you? After all, nothing says, “murder mystery” like antiquated eyewear.

Agatha Christie’s Ten Little Indians (1965)

The 1965 UK adaptation Ten Little Indians still goes by one of the original titles of And Then There Were None.


The absolute highlight of the 1974 Ten Little Indians is that Orson Welles plays the voice of U.N. Owen.

Thoroughly Modern Mystery

In 2001, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation did an episode based off of this classic mystery.

Articles and Interviews

What’s on Next

If Agatha Christie’s life still feels a bit mysterious to you, be sure to check out this NPR article about her life.

Everyone’s a Critic

If you want to see what The New York Times and The Toronto Star Daily had to say about And Then There Were None in 1940, mosey on over here.


In Eerie Black and White

Check out the trailer of the 1945 version of And Then There Were None here.


The 1974 trailer of And Then There Were None is quite dramatic. Everyone does have some groovy 70s haircuts to show off, though.


Streaming Live From the BBC

Step in the wayback machine and listen to this Agatha Christie interview from 1955.

Books for Your Ears

If you don’t truck with this new-fangled television, check out the old-school radio-mystery-style audio version of And Then There Were None.


On Holiday

Feast your eyes on Burgh Island, the inspiration for Soldier Island.

Death Comes

There have been some creepy old covers for versions of And Then There Were None.

Pacing the Drawing Room

In this screenshot of the 1945 film, everyone’s obviously getting a little nervous about the whole Soldier Island affair.

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