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And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None


Agatha Christie

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And Then There Were None Themes

And Then There Were None Themes


If And Then There Were None were a reality show—which, face it, it might as well be—all of the characters, at some point, would lock themselves up with the camera and insist that they didn’...

Lies and Deceit

Oh, boy. Someone call Cal Lightman, because we’ve got a whole nest of liars in And Then There Were None. And if you think it’s stressful trying to figure out if your boyfriend is lying to you,...

Guilt and Blame

You know that funny feeling in the bottom of your stomach when you’ve done something wrong, like plagiarized an essay or spent all afternoon playing Flappy Bird instead of studying for Chemistry?...

Good vs. Evil

Our friends in And Then There Are None have done some very, very naughty things. But—and here’s the question at the heart of the book—are they evil? Miss Brent would probably say yes (excep...

Memory and the Past

For the characters in And Then There Were None, the past is definitely not past—even though it definitely has some death in it. In fact, the whole novel takes place in two different times: one o...


The party games in And Then There Were None aren’t just silly sleepover pranks where someone puts your hand into a glass of water or puts Cheetos on your face: in the sleepover on Soldier Islan...

Respect and Reputation

Let’s all put on our hats and sit up a little bit straighter, because this is England in the 1900s, and we’ve got our reputations to think about. Like Downton Abbey’s Dowager Countess, the c...

Justice and Judgment

Christie isn’t exactly being subtle here: one of the main characters is called “Justice” through most of And Then There Were None. But if what Wargrave is doling out is justice, we’re not...


Even though they’re a motley band of frightened killers, the ten characters of And Then There Were None band together out of necessity. Much like a more aptly-named Survivor, the book explores...


Everyone in And Then There Were None may have been accused of serious crimes, but they’re not criminals technically—they’re more like moral criminals. And that weird space between “crimin...

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