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Anecdote of the Jar

Anecdote of the Jar


by Wallace Stevens

Anecdote of the Jar Resources


Stevens Society

This group maintains a journal devoted to Stevens' work. Good links, too!

On "Anecdote of the Jar"

Here's some collected literary criticism of the poem.


Second Life

A very, very trippy video.

Musical Interpretation

With images, too!

Bill Murray reads Wallace Stevens (That's Right)

It's not clear that he's actually read these poems before, but this is just too cool not to pass along.


Librivox Reading

Stevens reads his poem aloud.

"The Idea of Order at Key West"

Stevens reads perhaps his most famous poem aloud.



Photograph of Stevens, in the typical serious poet pose.

Stevens and His Wife

Here's a split image of Stevens and his wife, Elsie.

Kickin' It with Frost

Yup, that's Robert Frost on the left, Stevens on the right.

Articles and Interviews

Mitt and Wallace?

A New Yorker writer considers what Stevens might have to say to the former presidential candidate.


The Collected Poems of Wallace Stevens

Here's the whole kit and kaboodle, including "Anecdote of the Jar."


Here's the book in which "Anecdote of the Jar," as well as many of Stevens' other most famous poems, first appeared in book form.

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