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Angels in America, Part One: Millennium Approaches

Angels in America, Part One: Millennium Approaches


by Tony Kushner

Angels in America, Part One: Millennium Approaches Act 2, Scene 2 Summary

  • Harper is sitting home alone in the dark.
  • Joe walks in and asks why she's sitting in the dark.
  • She tells him not to turn the light on; she heard someone in the bedroom again.
  • He says there's no one there.
  • Harper informs him that she's going to go away, and by this she means she's about to go crazy.
  • Joe begs her not to and says they should pray.
  • Harper turns the light on and then back off again.
  • She asks Joe what he prays for.
  • "I pray for God to crush me, break me up into little pieces and start all over again," says Joe (2.2.9).
  • Harper asks him not to pray for that.
  • He talks about this book of Bible stories he had when he was a kid. There was this one picture in the book that Joe still dreams about: a picture of Jacob wrestling the angel. Joe says that when he dreams about it, it's him wrestling the angel, fighting a fight that he can't win.
  • Harper says that the most terrible thing is that she loves him more than anybody else in the whole world.
  • Joe asks Harper if she's really pregnant.
  • She tells him she hasn't had her period, but it might be because she takes too many pills. Harper adds, "Maybe I'll give birth to a pill. That would give a whole new meaning to the word pill popping, huh?" (2.3.14).
  • She says he should go to Washington by himself.
  • Joe swears he won't leave her.
  • Okay, she tells him, but either way she's going to leave him.

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