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Angels in America, Part One: Millennium Approaches

Angels in America, Part One: Millennium Approaches


by Tony Kushner

Angels in America, Part One: Millennium Approaches Act 2, Scene 6 Summary

  • It's the second week of January.
  • Martin, Roy, and Joe are in a super fancy Manhattan restaurant.
  • Martin goes on and on about how powerful the Republicans have become, especially with Reagan in the White House.
  • Both Roy and Martin are trying to convince Joe to take the job at the Justice Department.
  • Roy talks about how loyal Martin is to him. He asks Martin to rub his back because he's got a sore spot. (Is it actually a lesion from AIDS? Hmm.)
  • Martin gives him a backrub.
  • Roy's "friend" tells Joe that they can't wait much longer for an answer about the job.
  • Roy tells Martin that Joe is keeping him waiting because of Harper.
  • Roy hands Joe a letter. The letter says they're trying to disbar Roy, meaning that he couldn't be a lawyer anymore.
  • Joe asks why.
  • Roy says it's because they don't understand the law the way he does. They don't get how flexible it can be.
  • Martin gets to the point, though, telling Joe that it's because Roy borrowed half a million dollars from a client (a big no-no, apparently).
  • Joe is really sympathetic and tells Roy that he's sure he had a good reason for doing it.
  • Brushing off Joe's sympathy, Roy says that they can't prove anything anyway.
  • Joe says he'll do anything to help Roy.
  • Awesome, says Roy, why don't you take the job in the Justice Department and then help rig it up so that I don't get disbarred.
  • Joe refuses, saying that would be unethical.
  • Roy goes off on him, telling him to stop being such a goody two-shoes and just do it.
  • Joe says he'll think about it.

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