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Angels in America, Part One: Millennium Approaches

Angels in America, Part One: Millennium Approaches


by Tony Kushner

Angels in America, Part One: Millennium Approaches Act 2, Scene 9 Summary

  • It's the next morning, and we've got another split scene on our hands.
  • Harper and Joe are at home and Louis and Prior are in Prior's hospital room.
  • This one flips really quickly between the two conversations, so try to keep up.
  • Harper is scared now that Joe's home.
  • Louis tells Prior that he's going to move out.
  • Joe assures his wife that he loves her; she's his best friend, and he's not going to leave her. Harper, on the other hand, says she's going to leave.
  • Louis reiterates that he's leaving.
  • Joe asks Harper to stay and talk. He wonders if she's taken pills.
  • She says no because they're bad for the baby.
  • He tells her he called her gynecologist and knows she isn't really pregnant.
  • Prior accuses Louis of being a criminal for leaving him.
  • Joe admits that he's known he was gay forever, but that he's always tried to fight it.
  • Prior says Louis will pay for deserting him.
  • Joe talks about how he keeps trying not to go to the park (where he watches the gay men), but that he can't help himself.
  • Louis says he'll still come over and help Prior out when he can. Prior won't hear it.
  • Joe tells Harper that he thought he could save her, even if he couldn't save himself. He admits that he doesn't have sexual feelings for her and he probably never did.
  • Harper tells him he should go to Washington without her.
  • Prior screams at Louis, saying he doesn't know how to love.
  • Joe tells Harper that all the men with knives she's always imagining are really him – this thing he's been hiding is the thing that's been haunting her.
  • Prior shrieks at Louis that if he could stand up he'd kill his now ex-boyfriend.
  • Joe suddenly gags. He puts his hand to his mouth and it has blood on it.
  • Wanting to escape, Harper calls for Mr. Lies. (Remember, the imaginary travel agent?) She tells him she wants to go a long way away. Cool, Mr. Lies says, and they both disappear.
  • Prior closes his eyes, saying that when he opens them Louis should be gone.
  • Louis leaves.
  • Joe looks around and sees that Harper is gone.
  • Prior looks around and sees that Louis is gone. "I hurt all over. I wish I was dead," moans Prior (2.9.83).

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