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Angels in America, Part One: Millennium Approaches Act 3, Scene 4 Summary Page 1

  • It's the same day. We're in an abandoned lot in the South Bronx. It's snowing.
  • A homeless woman is warming herself by an oil drum filled with fire.
  • Hannah enters pulling two giant suitcases behind her. She asks the woman if this is Brooklyn and explains that she's just come from Salt Lake City.
  • Hannah says her son was supposed to meet her at the airport but he never showed up.
  • The homeless woman tells Hannah that she's in the Bronx, and then she starts acting crazy and talking to herself: "YOU DISGUSTING SLURPING FEEDING ANIMAL!" (3.4.6).
  • She asks Hannah if she knows the prophecies of Nostradamus.
  • Hannah tells her shut up, calm down, and tell her how to get to Brooklyn.
  • The woman calms down.
  • Hannah asks again how to get to Brooklyn.
  • The woman says she doesn't know because she's never been there.
  • Desperately, Hannah asks the woman if she knows where the Mormon Visitor's Center is.
  • Yeah, no problem, says the woman, and tells her exactly how to get there.
  • Hannah thanks the woman.
  • "In the new century I think we will all be insane," says the woman.
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