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Angels in America, Part One: Millennium Approaches

Angels in America, Part One: Millennium Approaches


by Tony Kushner

Angels in America, Part One: Millennium Approaches Act 3, Scene 7 Summary

  • Another split scene is upon us.
  • Prior is still alone in his apartment, freaking out about the wing sounds.
  • On the other side of the stage, Louis sits alone in a park.
  • Prior calls for Louis and then starts saying crazy stuff: "in the dark, in the dark, the Recording Angel opens its hundred eyes and snaps the Book of Life" (3.7.2).
  • Over in the park, Joe approaches Louis.
  • He asks Louis if he knows the story of Lazarus, the man the Bible says raised Jesus from the dead.
  • Louis asks if Joe really believes that story.
  • Joe says he doesn't know what he believes anymore.
  • Louis points out that it's kind of a coincidence, them meeting here.
  • Joe admits that he followed Louis here from work.
  • Louis says Joe must think he's a sensitive guy who cries for his friends and stuff. You're wrong, though, says Louis. I'm heartless.
  • Joe tentatively touches Louis' face. Louis pulls away, telling Joe his hand will probably fall off.
  • Joe awkwardly tells Louis that he really wants to touch him.
  • Louis takes his hand and asks him to come home with him.
  • Joe can't believe Louis wants to go to bed with him. They hardly know each other, and what Louis does know about him he doesn't like.
  • "The Republican stuff?" asks Louis. "I don't not like that. I hate that" (3.7.32).
  • Louis kisses Joe and tells him that he really doesn't want to be alone tonight.
  • Joe admits that he doesn't feel like he deserves to be loved.
  • Well, there you go, says Louis. We've got tons in common.
  • They exit together.
  • Prior is totally flipping out about this sound of wings.
  • He assures himself that he can take it. "I am a gay man and I am used to pressure, to trouble, I am tough and strong and... " (3.7.41).
  • The lights start to flicker like crazy.
  • The bed rolls around.
  • The walls begin to grow.
  • Prior is totally freaking out because something is coming inside.
  • Crazy music! Crazy lights!
  • An awestruck Prior says, "God almighty... Very Steven Spielberg" (3.7.45).
  • There's the sound of a something huge plummeting to the earth.
  • The room gets darker and darker and the thing gets closer.
  • BOOM! The ceiling caves in.
  • "And then in a shower of unearthly white light, spreading great opalescent gray-sliver wings, the angel descends into the room and floats above the bed" (3.7.46).
  • The angel cries, "Greetings, Prophet; The Great Work begins: The Messenger has arrived" (3.7.48).

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