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Angels in America, Part One: Millennium Approaches

Angels in America, Part One: Millennium Approaches


by Tony Kushner

Prior Walter Timeline and Summary

  • Prior reveals a lesion to Louis, confirming that he has full-blown AIDS.
  • He meets Harper in a shared dream, where he reveals to her that her husband is gay.
  • He hears a mystical voice.
  • Prior contemplates justice and the afterlife while in bed with Louis.
  • He gets terribly sick and is rushed to the hospital.
  • He's comforted by Belize while in the hospital – once again hears the mystical voice.
  • Prior totally goes off on Louis when Louis says he's moved out of the apartment.
  • Alone again, Prior is visited by two of the ghosts of his ancestors, who tell him that a great messenger is coming to him.
  • He discusses all his symptoms with his nurse, Emily, while in the outpatient clinic. Emily assures him that he'll live for a good long while yet.
  • He hears Emily randomly start speaking Hebrew, as if possessed.
  • He sees a flaming book burst from the floor of the hospital, but then everything goes back to normal as if nothing happened.
  • The ghosts visit Prior again, and they tell him that the messenger is coming tonight.
  • He dances with a spectral version of Louis.
  • Prior watches as an angel crashes through his ceiling.