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Angels in America, Part Two: Perestroika

Angels in America, Part Two: Perestroika


by Tony Kushner

Analysis: Allusions

When authors refer to other great works, people, and events, it’s usually not accidental. Put on your super-sleuth hat and figure out why.

Literary and Philosophical References

Lillian Hellman (3.2.15)
Ayn Rand (4.8.63)

Religious References

Jonah and the whale (2.2.104)
The angel Bethesda (4.3.5)
Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon religion (4.6.17)
Jacob wrestling the angel (5.1.16)

Historical and Political References

Bolsheviks (1.1.2)
Ed Koch (1.4.57-58)
Newt Gingrich (3.4.27)
Jesse Helms (3.4.27)
Army/McCarthy Hearings (4.8.41)
John Brown (4.9.2)
Henry Kissinger (4.1.2)
George P. Schultz (4.1.2)
Richard Nixon (4.1.2)
Mao Zedong (4.1.2)
The Berlin Wall (Epilogue.2)
Vladimir Lenin (Epilogue.2)

Pop Culture References

Grace Jones (1.4.12)
Mike Wallace (1.5.51)
Morticia Addams (2.1.7)
Hollywood Squares (3.4.31)
Marlboro Man (4.2.23)
Bullwinkle (4.2.42)
Hoss Cartwright (4.3.20)
Maria Ouspenskaya (4.6.16)
Studio 54 (4.8.41)

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