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Angels in America, Part Two: Perestroika

Angels in America, Part Two: Perestroika


by Tony Kushner

Joe Pitt Timeline and Summary

  • Joe appears in Harper's imaginary Antarctica.
  • In real life, he gets it on with Louis.
  • While in bed with Louis, through some warp in reality, Joe is able to talk to Harper even though she's not physically there.
  • Through some other reality warp, Joe appears in the diorama at the Mormon Visitors Center that Prior and Harper are watching.
  • At the beach with Louis, he freaks out and takes his clothes off on the beach when Louis tells him he's going to see Prior.
  • Joe visits Roy in the hospital. He tells Roy he's left his wife and is living with a man.
  • Roy flips out when he finds out Joe is gay. He ends up spraying his HIV-infected blood all over Joe.
  • Later at work, Joe is really confused when Prior and Belize show up at his office.
  • Joe finally talks to his mother, telling her she never should've come to New York.
  • He finds Harper at the Brooklyn Promenade and tells her he's come back.
  • They go home and have sex, but Joe keeps his eyes closed the whole time.
  • He and Harper argue, and he tells his wife that he sees nothing when he looks at her.
  • When he goes to see Louis, his lover attacks him for his conservative politics. They get into a fistfight and Joe beats Louis up.
  • The ghost of Roy Cohn visits Joe and kisses him.
  • Harper leaves Joe once and for all, and Joe ends up completely alone.