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Angels in America, Part Two: Perestroika

Angels in America, Part Two: Perestroika


by Tony Kushner

Prior Walter Timeline and Summary

  • Prior tells the angel who crashed through his ceiling to go away.
  • He wakes up from his dream of the angel.
  • Prior calls Belize and gets him to sing a Christmas carol.
  • He starts dressing like a prophet.
  • He attends a tacky drag queen funeral with Belize, and then tells Belize the full story of his experience with the angel.
  • Flashback:
  • Prior gets intimate with the angel.
  • The angel tells him that he's a prophet who must get humanity to stop growing, changing, and migrating. She presses the sacred Book of Anti-Migration into his chest.
  • End flashback.
  • Prior goes to the Mormon Visitors Center and watches the diorama with Harper.
  • While watching the diorama, he sees visions of Louis and Joe.
  • Later, he confronts Louis in the park and pushes him away.
  • Curious about Louis' new lover, he stalks Joe at work.
  • Then he tries to stalk Joe at the Mormon Visitors Center, but hangs out with Hannah instead.
  • He collapses at the Mormon Visitors Center, and Hannah takes him to the hospital.
  • The nurse Emily chastises him for not taking care of himself.
  • In the hospital, he talks Mormonism and angel history with Hannah.
  • In another vision, he confronts the angel, wrestling her at Hannah's prompting.
  • He gains access to Heaven and tells the angels there that they have to take the book back, saying that human beings can't just stop moving and changing.
  • Prior wakes up in his hospital bed.
  • When Louis visits, he tells Louis he loves him but that Louis can't come back.
  • Much later, he delivers an epilogue that sums up the play's progressive message.