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Pop Culture and Animal Behavior

Approximately 99.9% of songs played on the radio are about finding a mate or losing one. Well, musicians don’t always call them mates, but you know that is what "my boo" and "sexy lady" really are if you boil it down. If pop culture is any indication, mating behavior is an important business. Since modern technology means most of us have plenty of food and don’t have to worry about shelter, mating is the only thing left to sing about.

We see a couple common animal behaviors in modern pop songs:

  • The unsuccessful male: this guy just does not have what the ladies want. Females are not interested in him, despite him going all out for them

    • Baby (Justin Bieber): "Baby, baby…I thought you’d always be mine."

    • Loser (Beck): "I’m a loser, baby."

    • The Cave (Mumford and Sons): "And I’ll find strength in pain/and I will change my ways/I’ll know my name as it’s called again." He just doesn’t give up, does he?

    • Heartless (Kanye West): "Oh how could you be so heartless?"
  • The alpha male who has it all—this guy advertises his fitness and success with the ladies
    • 99 Problems (Jay-Z): "I got 99 problems but a "lady" ain’t one"

    • I Feel Fine (The Beatles): "Baby says she's mine, you know
      She tells me all the time, you know
      She said so
      I'm in love with her and I feel fine"
  • The picky females who are sick of being chased by inferior males.
    • We are never ever ever getting back together (Taylor Swift). Enough said.

    • No Scrubs (TLC): "I don't want no scrub
      A scrub is a guy that can't get no love from me
      Hanging out the passenger side
      Of his best friend's ride
      Trying to holler at me" Hey, we didn’t say being picky was a bad thing.

    • Rumour has it (Adele): "You made a fool out of me,
      And, boy, I'm bringing me down,
      You made my heart melt, yet I'm cold to the core"
  • Occasionally, a happy female who found a good mate
    • Diamonds (Rihanna): "You’re a shooting star I see"
      A vision of ecstasy"
      When you hold me, I’m alive"
      We’re like diamonds in the sky"

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