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Animal Behavior

Animal Behavior

Animal Behavior: Hopefully This Quiz Is Pher(omone) True or False

1. When two individuals fight over access to resources, it is called: -> An agonistic interaction
2. Peacocks have long, showy tails even though it makes them more obvious to predators and more difficult to fly. This is an example of: -> Kin selection
3. What do animals try to avoid when foraging? -> Predators
4. Chemicals that are used to communicate between two members of the same species are called: -> Camouflage
5. Animals that have parental care: -> Have more offspring than animals without parental care
6. Altruism is most likely to happen: -> When the risk of predation is low.
7. Which type of learning happens in a narrow window of time shortly after birth? -> Imprinting
8. In addition to advertising to mates, why might animals be brightly colored? -> To warn potential predators of an animal’s toxicity.
9. Which animals dance to tell others where food is? -> Whooping cranes
10. Stotting is a way for prey animals to tell predators: -> They shouldn’t bother with a chase, because they are so fit the predators don’t stand a chance of catching them.