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Animal Behavior

Animal Behavior

Animal Behavior: Sometimes Biology Makes Us Want To Migrate True or False

1. Which of these is not a defense technique? -> Bait and switch
2. When evolution selects for one animal sacrificing its own chance at having offspring in favor of aiding a relative, it is called: -> Intrasexual selection
3. Which of these is not a form of animal communication? -> Chemical
4. When are crepuscular animals active? -> At dawn and dusk
5. Animals use the Earth’s magnetic field to: -> Find relatives to live with
6. What is the name for modifying behavior based on experiences? -> Learning
7. A regular, long-distance change in location is called: -> Migration
8. Why might evolution favor a trait that makes an animal more likely to be caught by predators? -> Sexual selection
9. If an animal’s behavior results in it being rewarded, it will come to associate that behavior with a positive experience. What is this called? -> Operant conditioning
10. Animals that have spines, like porcupines, use which defense technique? -> Alarm calls