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Animal Behavior

Animal Behavior

Animal Behavior: Who Doesn't Love a Fish 'Stache? True or False

1. If a bird imprints on the wrong species, what might happen to it? -> It won’t mate with its own species.
2. Lateral lines on sharks help them: -> Track down odors to find food
3. Why might animals hunt in groups? -> To protect each other from stormy weather
4. What does Hamilton’s rule predict? -> When altruism will be favored by natural selection
5. Female fish that like males with mustaches is an example of: -> Intersexual selection
6. Why does one male elephant seal get to mate with all the females on his beach? -> The male elephant seal won access to all the females by fighting off all the other males.
7. How do ambush predators hunt? -> By sitting and waiting until prey come to them
8. Which of these goes into optimal foraging theory calculations? -> Search time
9. Which of the following does not eat meat? -> Herbivore
10. Which type of reproductive behavior is most likely to result in male parental care? -> Polygyny