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Animal Behavior
Animal Behavior
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Animal Behavior Resources

Best of the Web. Like... linkapalooza.


Watch and Learn

See some ambush predator videos and facts from the BBC here.

Fungi on Planet Earth

The parasitic fungus Cordyceps causes ants to radically change their behavior.

Peacocks and Their Giant Tails

Researchers discuss sexual selection and experiment with peacocks in this video.

Learning with Kittycam

What does your cat do all day? Learn what the Kittycam found out.


What Fish Want

Read more about sexual selection in fish here.

Walrus Sounds

Animal communication sounds are being recorded and digitized. Listen to some of them here.

Holy Giraffe Fight, Batman

Giraffes fight with their necks. We always knew they were good for something.

Fatal Attractions

Sometimes animals get confused about whom to mate with.

Which Way Should We Go?

Animals other than fish and birds can be good at navigating.

Weird Science

A fish that hunts pigeons on land? Seriously.

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