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Animal Nutrition and Digestion

Animal Nutrition and Digestion

Animal Nutrition and Digestion: Can You Stomach This? True or False

1. Proteins are broken down into      , while carbohydrates are broken into      . -> Amino acids / sugars
2. Which is not a function of the pancreas? -> All are important pancreatic functions
3. What are the three components that maintain the kidney's medullary concentration gradient -> Nephron, collecting tubule, inner medulla
4. The Descending Loop of Henle is permeable to      , while       is permeable at the Ascending Loop. -> NH3 / water
5. Animals become constipated when: -> Too little water is absorbed at the small intestine.
6. Protein digestion occurs in the       with the help of      . -> Stomach / pepsin
7. Blood pressure pushes blood through the       and into the nephron's      . -> Bowman's capsule / Glomerulus
8. What stimulates gastrin release? -> peptide-containing chyme
9. Threonine is an example of      . -> a mineral
10. Fats are digested by       and      . -> bile / pancreatic lipase