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Animal Nutrition and Digestion

Animal Nutrition and Digestion

Animal Nutrition and Digestion: This Is Going to Be a Gas True or False

1. Why is there a need for both ADH and RAAS? -> There isn't. Both ADH and RAAS respond to low blood osmolarity.
2. Why is excreting uric acid compared to urea as the nitrogenous waste beneficial for birds? -> It isn't. Birds primarily secrete ammonia.
3. Angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) catalyzes a reaction to produce angiotensin II. What will ACE inhibitors do to blood pressure? -> Nothing; It will decrease blood osmolarity.
4. Which area of the nephron is least selective? -> Outer cortex
5. When a person's gallbladder is removed, they need to carefully monitor their intake of      . -> Fat
6. Pepsin works best at what type of pH? -> Low
7. In celiac disease, the gluten protein destroys microvilli in the small intestine. What effect might this have on a person? -> They are unable to absorb nutrients.
8. What part of the nephron helps to maintain the countercurrent system by expending energy? -> Ascending Loop of Henle
9. Active transport of       occurs at the top of the ascending Loop of Henle. -> Water
10. Blood enters the kidney through the       -> Nephron