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Animal Nutrition and Digestion

Animal Nutrition and Digestion

Animal Nutrition and Digestion: This Is Going to Be a Gas Quiz

Think you’ve got your head wrapped around Animal Nutrition and Digestion? Put your knowledge to the test. Good luck — the Stickman is counting on you!
Q. Why is there a need for both ADH and RAAS?

There isn't. Both ADH and RAAS respond to low blood osmolarity.
If RAAS isn't working, our bodies still have ADH to regulate blood pressure.
They are secreted in response to different stimuli. ADH is stimulated by hyperosmotic blood, and renin is released when blood volume or pressure is low.
People are more likely to have a genetic defect in RAAS, so ADH comes to the rescue if that system is faulty.
ADH is a byproduct of RAAS, and therefore the body always sees both of them at once.
Q. Why is excreting uric acid compared to urea as the nitrogenous waste beneficial for birds?

It isn't. Birds primarily secrete urea.
It isn't. Birds primarily secrete ammonia.
It requires very little energy.
It does not dissolve in water.
It weighs less than urea, so birds don't have to expend as much energy to stay in flight.
Q. Angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) catalyzes a reaction to produce angiotensin II. What will ACE inhibitors do to blood pressure?

Increase blood pressure.
Decrease blood pressure.
Nothing; It will increase blood osmolarity.
Nothing; It will decrease blood osmolarity.
Nothing; angiotensin II is the only peptide that affects blood pressure.
Q. Which area of the nephron is least selective?

Proximal tubule
Loop of Henle
Distal tubule
Collecting duct
Outer cortex
Q. When a person's gallbladder is removed, they need to carefully monitor their intake of      .

Vitamins and minerals
Q. Pepsin works best at what type of pH?

It has different functions at acidic and basic pHs.
None of the above. Its activity does not depend on pH.
Q. In celiac disease, the gluten protein destroys microvilli in the small intestine. What effect might this have on a person?

Nothing—celiac disease only results in a skin irritation.
They are unable to absorb nutrients.
They need to restrict animal proteins from their diet.
Peristalsis is inhibited, and their gastric emptying is affected.
The pH of the small intestine remains acidic.
Q. What part of the nephron helps to maintain the countercurrent system by expending energy?

Proximal tubule
Ascending Loop of Henle
Distal tubule
Vasa Recta
All of the above
Q. Active transport of       occurs at the top of the ascending Loop of Henle.

Q. Blood enters the kidney through the      

Renal artery
Outer cortex
Inner medulla