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Animal Nutrition and Digestion Resources


All Want to Know About Kidneys

Website put together by the US Health and Human Services branch of the government. Answers many questions about kidneys and their function.

Kidney Slide Show

When in doubt, learn from How Stuff Works. They will never fail you. Not even when you are searching for how the kidney works.

Test Your Kidney Knowledge

The perfect website to test your knowledge about kidney structure and function!

What's Saliva For, Anyways?

Science Daily is a great place to find interesting, current research on a bunch of topics. We found this report that talks about our good ol' friend salivary amylase and all its importance.

Current Research

Current News in Osmoregulation

Research review on how marine mammals regulate salt and water balance. When it's in the Journal of Experimental Biology, you know it's bound to be a good read.


Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill

What do we love more than Bill Nye? Bill Nye talking about digestion, of course.

Digestion, Why Don't You Actually Work Like This?

Here's a cartoon video that describes digestion if it were run by microscopic bearded, British men.

A Walk-Through Tour of Osmosis

The Khan Academy is a non-profit organization whose mission is to give everyone a good education. They have a lot of great videos, and here's one on diffusion and osmosis.

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