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Animal Evolution and Diversity

Animal Evolution and Diversity


1. Which one is not an animal?→Amoeba
2. Porifera differ from the rest of the animal kingdom because they:→Do not have true tissue
3. Animals are:→(A) and (C)
4. Animals are symmetrical. Body plans can be:→Radial or trilateral
5. Not all animals have skeletons. Instead their muscles work on a framework based on water pressure called a:→Hydraulic skeleton
6. Which animal cannot reproduce asexually:→Frogs
7. The largest group of animals on earth is:→Insects
8. All fish have:→(B) and (C)
9. What do the three chordate subphyla NOT have in common?→Vertebrae
10. Characteristics of amphibians include:→Hard-shelled eggs
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