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Animal Evolution and Diversity

Animal Evolution and Diversity

Animal Evolution and Diversity: Which of These Things is Not Like the Other? True or False

1. All these things with tentacles are in the same phylum except: -> Hydras
2. Which of these animals has an open circulatory system? -> (A) and (B)
3. Which of these is not an arachnid? -> Horseshoe crab
4. Find the crustacean. -> Barnacle
5. So many worms. Which are annelids? -> (A) and (B)
6. Which of these animals lacks body segmentation? -> Jellyfish
7. Is it a fish? Which one isn't? -> Lobster
8. Coelomates include all vertebrates and many invertebrates. Which animal isn't coelomate? -> Snails
9. Who lays amniotic eggs? -> Birds
10. Which isn't a eutherian mammal? -> Opossum