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Animal Evolution and Diversity

Animal Evolution and Diversity

Animal Evolution and Diversity: The Big Picture True or False

1. The difference between eumetazoa and parazoa is: -> Parazoa lack true tissues.
2. The first branch in the animal family tree is between eumetazoa and parazoa. The next is between: -> Bilateria and radiate
3. Cephalization is the word for the evolutionary development of: -> A four-chambered heart
4. An example of a tetrapod is a: -> (A) and (B)
5. Arthropod means: -> Many feet
6. Which isn't an adaptation to living on land: -> Scales
7. Deuterostomes are characterized by all but: -> Coelom formation within the mesoderm
8. A lophophore is: -> Tentacles surrounding the mouth that are extensions of the coelom
9. Primates can be divided into two groups: -> Prosimians and anthropoids
10. Chordates have pharyngeal slits, but these take different forms including: -> Lungs