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Animal Evolution and Diversity Resources


The Shape of Life

Meet the scientists who are figuring out where it all started. Plus, who can resist video on flatworm…fencing?

What Lovely Rocks You Have

Check out the eyes made of rock in some chitons. Nature comes up with another way to sense light.



David Attenborough calls this one a walking compost pile. It's a sloth and it should be the picture beside the word "mellow" in the dictionary.

World War Snail

Zombies are real. Just ask these snails.

Bizarre Dinos

Dinosaur evolution: sex, violence and bizarre costumes—what more could we ask?

The Secret Life of Bees

Bees really are busy. Scientists spent a year following the life of one hive and give the highlights in just under an hour.

Scream or I'll Eat You

Witness the blood-curdling screams of baby frogs.

Bonobos On Two Feet

Check out our more gentle cousins.

Disappearing Frogs

No more Kermit. Are we facing the extinction of amphibians?

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